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Emma Ferreira

Celebrated artist Emma Ferreira has been a full-time contributor to the contemporary art world since 1998. She is a revered Los Angeles’s preeminent mixed media artist.

Emma’s work received much attention when auctioned at Christie’s Beverly Hills international auction house for Art Of Elysium and the renowned Biennale in Venice, Italy. It continues to be sold to private estates, corporate collections, and galleries worldwide. In addition, Emma and her artwork are featured regularly in publications.

She was born and educated in Buckinghamshire, England.
Her photographic training nurtured her instincts to represent the human form as more than what we see through the lens. Instead, she aims to portray the meditative complexities that lie beneath the individual’s external appearance; she captures the essence of her subjects by exposing the raw energy and emotion of the animal within.

She is known for her ethereal representations produced by a unique method of printing photography on clear or acrylic glass. The result is a transparent image layered on top of materials such as acrylics, aluminum, or steel. Emma coined this process “Translayerism”—the layering of multiple translucent panels suspending light.

Emma firmly believes that we can create our reality, and the circumstances of choice and desire—are at our disposal. “We must walk forward choosing that which serves our journey.” The Reality of My Illusion (TROMI) is Emma’s philosophy. TROMI marks the moment when illusions collide with reality—emphasizing freedom’s role in resisting the constraints of society and our past. TROMI invites us to choose our destiny. Our choices shape our lives; our lives shape reality.

Emma’s current body of work is dedicated to language. A collection of poems authored by Emma and her trademark imagery presented as a mixed media exhibition.

Ferreira’s travels revealed the suffering endured by the citizens of the countries she visited. These experiences, in turn, have fueled and motivated her philanthropic work and her artistic celebration of the human body. She is an adherent of many causes overseas and at home and is an advocate for charities that benefit children in particular.

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